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    Is this IUID Mark qualification test and report data still available through DAU, or has this since been transferred to another entity? If it's still available through DAU, please provide more information that will help me to find this data. If it's no longer available through DAU, is there information that can be provided as to the organization from which the data can be obtained?


    Looked in the MIL-STD-130 udner ASSIST and found the most current version is "N" 16 Nov 2012 (there is a later note of verification, but no changes to the standard).   The following NOTES: are found on page 41:






    1. Potential effects on the item to be marked should be weighed in selecting the marking method.


    2. The Joint Marking Qualification Working Group (JMQWG), under the sponsorship of the Government Electronics and Information Association, provides a common set of IUID 2D Data Matrix symbol mark qualification test and report data available for unrestricted use at Refer to ( for JMQWG Matrix details. The goal of this venture is to coordinate a consortium approach towards performing, publishing, and sharing non-proprietary information for the following areas:


    a. IUID marking methods (dot peen, laser/chemical etch, direct ink, label, etc.).


    b. Material types and finishes (80% common to most of Industry).


    c. Environmental criteria (80% common to most of Industry or use worst case).


    3. NASA-STD-6002 also provides an overview of DPM methods and practices.


    4. For HRI, 1D, and 2D, Y (recommended) and N (not recommended) denotes protocol implementation consideration.


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