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    n I use the GPC to pay for transportation services for the actual ceremony? Is it authorized under any circumstances to use the GPC for receptions?


    In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 2.101 micro-purchase definition; and DoD Charge Card Guidebook; the GPC shall not be used to pay for travel related expenses

    In accordance with DOD 4500-9-R and Joint Travel Regulation, para 4100, the purchase card and/or convenience checks are not authorized for the direct rental/lease of commercial bus transportation.  Contracting Officers are not authorized to contract for commercial bus transportation, unless specific authority has been provided by Army Transportation Command.  All requirements for bus transportation shall be forwarded to Motor Transport or RCO-NCR for a contract if a contract needs to be utilized for the services.

    It is advised that you consult with your APC and Legal Counsel.

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