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    Should Program Deviation Report to report APB schedule and performance breaches identify associated cost?


    DoDI5000.02T, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, dated January 7, 2015 incorporating Change #7 on April 21, 2020, Enclosure 1, Section 4 (pages 61 through 64) covers APBs and Baseline Breaches in detail.        It states the following (please read all of Enclosure 1):








    a.      The APB will describe the approved program. The APB represents the formal commitment of the Component and the acquisition chain of command to the MDA. Deviations from the approved APB will be immediately reported to the MDA. Deviations are specified default thresholds for schedule and cost of:




    (1)   Objective schedule value plus 6 months.




    (2) Objective cost value plus ten percent.




    b.      Table 4 in this enclosure provides acquisition program baseline policy, addressing Original Baselines, Current Baselines, Baseline Deviations, and Subprograms.




    c.      Table 5 in this enclosure provides the statutory breach and change definitions for programs requiring APBs.






    (1)   The MDAP definitions for significant and critical unit cost breaches are based on unit cost growth as defined in 10 U.S.C. 2433 (Reference (h)).




    (2)   The MAIS program definitions for significant and critical changes are based on schedule, cost, or expected performance of the program as defined in 10 U.S.C. 2445c (Reference (h)). The section 2445c critical change definition also applies to programs that are designated as Pre-MAIS programs, and to any other AIS that are prior to a formal acquisition decision and are expected to exceed the MAIS program thresholds in Table 2, as prescribed by 10 U.S.C. 2445a.




    d. The reporting requirements associated with breaches and changes are detailed in Table 7, this enclosure.



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