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    Need historical information on the ILA and sustainment review that required after an IOC in the 2013. Now we are in 2020, no ILA or sustainment review on this program. Is it possible to waive the Congress requirements for these tow requirements--ILA/Sustainment review.


    Thank you for your question regarding Independent Logistics Assessments.  Please refer to the following documents for guidance:


    DoDI 5000.02T:  see specifically Table 3 Milestone and Phase Information Requirements.  ILA - STATUTORY for weapon system MDAPs only.  Assessments after FRP will be accomplished at a minimum interval of every 5 years after Initial Operational Capability (IOC).  See also Enclosure 6 paragraph 5c.  After IOC, the DoD Components will continue to conduct ILAs at a minimum interval of every 5 years.




    SECNAVINST 4105.1d Independent Logistics Assessment and Certifications Requirements (12 March 18);  see specifically paragraph 5b.  ILAs shall be conducted not later than two years after the FRP decision or FDD, and a maximum of every five years thereafter throughout sustainment for ACAT I and II programs (post FRP/FDD ILAs are not required for ACAT III and IV programs).  Post FRP ILA reports shall be provided to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment within 30 days of completion of the report.




    Product Support Management DoDI (to be published in Fall 2020): (1)      Independent Logistics Assessments.

    Pursuant to Section 2337a of Title 10, U.S.C., DoD Components will conduct ILAs for MDAPs and major weapon system before key acquisition decision points, including Milestones B and C and the FRP decision, to assess the adequacy of the support package, and to identify sustainment cost elements, factors, risks, and gaps that are likely to drive future O&S costs, changes to system design that could reduce costs, and effective strategies for managing such costs.

    (a)  The ILA will focus on PS and sustainment planning, and the execution of that planning to include core logistics analyses and establishment of organic capabilities.  Each DoD Component will establish its criteria for independence of the agency or program office conducting the ILA, and will provide:

    1.  Guidance to ensure consistency within the respective DoD Component.

    2.  The scope of the assessment for key acquisition decision points.  At a minimum, these reviews will be chartered by the CAE and conducted by logistics, program management, and business experts from outside the program office.

    (b)  ILA reports will include analysis of the weapon system-level PS performance in satisfying warfighter needs, meeting sustainment metrics, and providing best-value outcomes.  They must specifically assess O&S costs to identify and address factors resulting in growth in O&S costs and adapt strategies to reduce such costs.  DoD Components will continue to conduct and report ILA results to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment via the OSD Acquisition Information Repository upon completion of the ILA report or sustainment review (SR) report.


    ACAT 1D waivers would have to go through the DAE and any program below this (ACAT1C and below) the CAE is the proponent for waivers.



    You may also contact the following individuals for additional information:


    Ms. Rosemary Solomon at OSD/A&S/ OASD (Sustainment) can be contacted for additional information.  She can be reached at 703-614-4859 or telework 571-422-1061


    If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.  You can reach me at or 256-922-8716.




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