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    Can you help clarify which document/name is most current--DPG or JPG?


    We feel that we must apologize for the confusion that the various Defense Acquisition University (DAU) documents and different versions of CJCSI 8501 have created.  However, it is actually understandable when you know the backstory.


    Over the years, both the timing, and the names of the outputs, for the various PPBE Phases have changed regularly, but not significantly with regard to their purpose.  For example, for years the output of the Programming Phase was called the Program Decision Memorandum (PDM), while the output of the Budgeting Phase was called the Program Budget Decision (PBD). Then, the two (2) outputs were combined into a single document called a Resource Management Decision (RMD) with two (2) Annexes.  RMD Annex 1 for the Programming Phase and Annex 2 for the Budgeting Phase.  Currently, the outputs for the Programming and Budgeting Phases have been reverted back to the earlier separate PDM and PBD documents.


    Similarly, the output of the Planning Phase of the PPBE has gone by a number of different names, and the same name at different times.  It seems to have started as the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG), which then became the Joint Programming Guidance (JPG) with the Guidance for Development of the Force (GDF) as a separate document.  The JPG and GDF were replaced with a single document called the Defense Planning Programming Guidance (DPPG), which was later renamed the JPG again.  Finally, the JPG was renamed the DPG, which is where we stand today.


    Net end, the official name of the current output from the Planning Phase of the PPBE is the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG), which is the actual name on the document.


    Note: The DoD CAPE is currently using two documents in their Program Reviews, the DPG and the National Defense Strategy (NDS).  Formerly, they just used the DPG.  Since the DPG came out in Jan 2018, it has been the main document that Services, and Programs, are aligning their budgets to.  In addition, the Jan 2018 NDS also served as the DoD statutorily mandated quadrennial defense review to Congress.  There is not currently a document called the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR).


    Suggestion:  It may be beneficial to review the DAU Funds Management Platinum Card.  Along with a significant amount of other useful information, on the right hand side of Page One (1) of the Platinum Card, there are graphic depictions of the entire PPBE process.  The depictions show the organizations involved, the focus of each Phase, and the outputs, or products, of each Phase.  The DAU Funds Management Platinum Card is updated annually with the most current information and can be found at the following url:


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