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    How is DPAS handled for Commercial of a Type? Should it fall under the Category of not having a DPAS rating even though they are not coded with an AMSC Z? How is DPAS handled for NIINs that are Source Control with AMSC B and Configuration Control AMSC c? These can also be a Commercial item or Commercial of a Type item but are not coded with AMSC Z.


    DPAS (Defense Prioritization and Allocation System) ratings on orders and SCD (Surveillance Criticality Designator) are two separate requirements for proper issuance of a DoD contract to a Prime supplier.

    SCD is required based upon FAR 42.1105 and is required to be designated by the PCO for all contracts.

    A DPAS rating is required for all contracts in support of DPAS Approved Programs (approval comes from SECDEF or USECDEF) and is based upon the priority of the rating (DO or DX) and the program identifier (A1 as an example for aviation) and a clause 52.211-14 or 15 included in the contract.

    In this case the CTR’s in question are delivery orders. Delivery orders are not required to include all the specific contract clauses contained in a base contract, those included in the base contract flow down to all subsequent delivery orders. If the base CTR includes an SCD then the delivery orders will be included.

    Examine the base contract to determine if the SCD is designated there. If not, a single modification to the base CTR will update (via flow-down) all subsequent delivery orders issued to date.

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