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    Do kits with IUID items within need a UII? Can individual items within a kit be entered into WAWF as separate items, not associated with an over arching IUID?


    Is a unique item identifier (UII) required on Sets, Kits and Outfits (SKO)?

    Answer: Sets, kits and outfits (SKO) are assemblages of components, support items, or mission specific and common tools in a container (bag, pouch, box, chest, van, trailer or shelter) that are used in association. SKOs are primarily designed to accomplish a specific mission or maintenance function. They are identified, cataloged, authorized and issued as a single unit. They may be made up of components, support items and tools included in more than one class of supply; may include end items; may include components, support items and tools for which logistic responsibilities are assigned to more than one agency; and may include nonexpendable, durable, and expendable components, support items and tools.

    An SKO is an item of supply, configuration controlled by a part number or line identification number. An SKO should have a UII if it meets the qualifying criteria for tracking and valuation purposes as long as it resides in the inventory. If any of the components of the SKO are DoD serially managed items, they would be uniquely identified separately as embedded items in the parent item. In this case the parent item is the SKO of which the DoD serially managed components are a part. The embedded item would not be separately valued, since the value of the embedded item is capitalized in the value of the SKO.

    An SKO could be a set of components for a single assembly part, packaged together as a single part number, for inclusion into one assembly during a maintenance function or configuration change. This type of SKO is most often referred to as a kit. Once the kit is applied to an assembly, the kit is “consumed” and capitalized as part of the value of the assembly in which it is installed; and the UII for the kit would be retired. The assembly in which the kit is installed would become the new parent item for any embedded items from the kit.   

    Please see the attached FAQ link on IUID's. You can also consult your local logisitician or supply management specialist.  




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