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    Assuming the materiel developer and combat/capability developer agree the form factor additional performance attribute (APA) is not required, how should this be formalized? Who should take the lead in ensuring the APA is officially removed? What process should they follow?


    The short answer is that it depends on the AROCM or JROCM.  Normally, the proponent can change the CDD, or maybe in this case CPD (legacy document), at a level specified in the approval memorandum (AROCM/JROCM.)  I would assume this requirement is only governed by an AROC memorandum and not by a JROC memorandum, so the sponsor has to get the change approved by whomever the process calls for in the Army.  If it is governed by a JROCM, the process is still the same and JCIDS does not interfere with a change to an APA because it cannot be a JPR.


    The change to the document would most likely be approved by the Center of Excellence (CoE) CDID Director and/or CG.  The sponsor would change the document [CDD/CDD Update/CPD(legacy)] and send to the Gatekeeper (Army/Joint) to reload into CAMS/KMDS.

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