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    1) Is there a requirement for a kickoff meeting when a contract is awarded? 1a) If yes, what FAR/DFARS clause explains this requirement? Note - in my searches, I've seen a debriefing requirement in FAR 15 but nothing on a kickoff meeting. 1b) If yes, who is required to give it? My KO is saying it is up to me as the COR, but I always thought is was up to the KO and/or Contract Specialist to coordinate all, as it represents the transition from the contracts dept back to the program office... Thanks ahead of time for your input.


    The contracting officer ultimately decides if a post-award conference is needed.  It can be as formal or informal as you like.  You can call it a kick-off meeting if you'd like.  The chairperson, which can be you, would run the conference.  You should discuss all of this with the contracting officer.  The following FAR parts have been cut and pasted herein to help you.  FAR 42.5 can help you determine what to do in the kickoff meeting.

    42.501 General.      (a) A postaward orientation aids both Government and contractor personnel to (1) achieve a clear and mutual understanding of all contract requirements, and (2) identify and resolve potential problems. However, it is not a substitute for the contractor’s fully understanding the work requirements at the time offers are submitted, nor is it to be used to alter the final agreement arrived at in any negotiations leading to contract award.

          (b) Postaward orientation is encouraged to assist (see part  19)-

               (1) Small business concerns;

               (2) Small disadvantaged business concerns;

               (3) Veteran-owned small business concerns;

               (4) Service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns;

               (5) HUBZone small business concerns; and

               (6) Women-owned small business concerns (including economically disadvantaged women-owned small business concerns and women-owned small business concerns eligible under the Women-Owned Small Business Program).

          (c) While cognizant Government or contractor personnel may request the contracting officer to arrange for orientation, it is up to the contracting officer to decide whether a postaward orientation in any form is necessary.

          (d) Maximum benefits will be realized when orientation is conducted promptly after award.

    FAR 42.503-1 Postaward conference arrangements.

          (a) The contracting officer who decides that a conference is needed is responsible for-

               (1) Establishing the time and place of the conference;

               (2) Preparing the agenda, when necessary;

               (3) Notifying appropriate Government representatives (e.g., contracting/contract administration office) and the contractor;

               (4) Designating or acting as the chairperson;

               (5) Conducting a preliminary meeting of Government personnel; and

               (6) Preparing a summary report of the conference.

          (b) When the contracting office initiates a conference, the arrangements may be made by that office or, at its request, by the contract administration office

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