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    Is there any value on cataloging these parts, only for supply to come back to our program/FST and ask for a suitable substitute?


    Bottom line is that the COTS item should be cataloged so that DOD enterprise

    can capture the data across the DoD.  DLA Defense Logistics Information

    System (DLIS) is responsible for cataloging all DoD assets and even if the

    item is soon to be or already obsolete, they claim that in about 90% of the

    time, they will have a replacement for the obsolete part.  ECAT is the

    primary tool for requesting new NSNs.  


    If an NSN or COTS item is close to being obsolete, the first thing that is

    recommended is to contact the source of supply and inquire if there is a

    replacement or substitute NSN for the one about to be obsolete. If there is

    no replacement, contact the POCs below.


        Global Distance Support Center:      1-877-418-6824 or email


        NAVY 311 Helpdesk:      1-855-628-9311 or email

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