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    Is there authoritative reference material on the establishment and use of the technology development agreement (TDA) ostensibly replacing the Technology Transition Agreement?


    DoD does not give an explicit title nor dictate precise content of Technology Transition Agreements (or whatever your organization may call them).  At the end of the day, transitioning developing technology as it matures to a different organization is a common way to get the technology from concept to device to system to user.  How a particular technology development organization does this depends on the technology, the program that will implement it and the end user that will employ it along with any number of other stakeholders.  The DAU STM204 course addresses technology transition and uses as an example, the in-place guidance Army guidance.  This direction is contained in a memo published by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT)) on 27 September 2019 titled: Policy on Transition Agreements for Army Advanced Technology Development, Technology Maturation Initiative (TMI) Advanced Component Development and Prototypes, and Manufacturing Technology Projects.  (attached)

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