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    What replaced the Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan (CRLCMP)? I find references to a Computer Resource Support Plan or Computer Resource Support Management Plan but can't find anything that really provides guidance or template on what should be included in a plan. I've looked in several guidebooks (IPSE, PSM, etc) but haven't been able to locate anything of real substance. Is the CRLCMP still a valid document? Thanks and appreciate your help.


    Great question! On the one hand, statutes nor regulations (policy) require development Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan (CRLCMP) for programs or projects but is considered a best practice; page 554 and on of the Integrated Product Support Elements Guidebook provides amplifying context regarding dissolution of document or plan and suggested contents if developed.  On the other hand, Military Services may direct otherwise / development as noted in Army Regulation (AR) 700-127 (“Integrated Product Support”) dated 2018, paragraphs 8-11, 8-13, and 9-11 are germane.  Selection of this hyperlink should lead to the latest version of AR 700-127 (“Integrated Product Support.”)

    As well, in December 2019 there was a change to the Integrated Product Support Elements (IPSE).  Previously IPSE(s) contained an element titled “Computer Resources” which is now “Information Technology Systems Continuous Support;” detailed information about revision (change) can be located through use of this hyperlink:

    A brief albeit comprehensive discussion about the Information Technology Systems Continuous Support IPSE can be found by selecting this,%2C%20software%2C%20firmware%2C%20documentation%2C

    This hyperlink may prove useful now and in the future where its content provides information about current and past changes affecting both Life Cycle Logistics and at large Defense Acquisition Workforce career fields.    

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