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    We would like to make a purchase of audio visual equipment and installation services through the NASA SEWP GWAC. In order to make a purchase, are we required to use an assisted acquisition service through DISA/DITCO, go through NAVSUP or may we go directly to the NASA SEWP GWAC and place our delivery order?


    According the NMCARS and the NASA SEWP FAQ page, you are not required to use an assisted acquisition service through DISA/DITCO.  We could not find any policy Memoranda at the DASA(P) or DON CIO office level requiring approval ahead of time to go directly to NASA SEWP.

    Note: using a simple internet search, we did find a PDF version of an 8 year old DON message authorizing direct access to the NASA SEWP catalog, but the URLs and phone numbers in the message were no longer current or active.  So we can’t confirm if this authorization is current and valid.

    Because we may not have access to all current DON IT related acquisition or procurement policies; it is our recommendation that you go through your formal Navy FLC/NAVSUP contracting office and/or Information Technology Services division.  Depending on the facts they will know if you may utilize NASA SEWP directly or place the order for you.

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