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    My question is can my state create and use a 2579 with a PoP that covers the PoP of the Base spiral 3 contract? This way we can save a little time for our office as we use Spiral 3 multiple times a year.


    If the “2579 for our files to justify the unrestricted RFQ” (AKA original 2579) fully documented that the contracting officer (1) encouraged maximum participation by small business (19.202-2) and (2) determined use of a reserve to the small business (19.503), then that original 2579 has been used by some agencies for the entire PoP. Otherwise, if the reserve is not utilized, it would be appropriate to use separate 2579s to document the rationale for not using the reserve (19.506)(a)(2), since there is one small business vendor.

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