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    The draft CDD states that IOC is to occur in FY22, but the document hasn't been staffed yet. Assuming that a funding line needs to be established in order to have a program capable of an IOC, is this even possible given that the current POM "look window" is already FY23-27? Is there an established reg (or rule of thumb) that states "If you are writing a CDD and noting IOC dates, there needs to be x amount of years from the approval date of the document" in order to feasibly start an acquisition program? v/r Steve C


    The Adaptive Acquisition Framework guidance to tailor in.  Many assumptions are being made such as the mention of ICD and CDD implies that the program will be a "major capability acquisition".  If this is a major capability acquisition then the most likely pathway is the tradiation 5000.02.  The guidance for major capability acquisitions is that a program must have "full funding over the FYDP" beginning at Milestone A.  In addition, a DRAFT CDD is due at MSA.  Additional information such as:

    Is this a new start effort?

    What is the ACAT?

    What is the funding profile?

    What MS have been achieved (or are scheduled)?

    Who is the MDA?

    What appropriations are planned for use?

    Are you reconstituting a program already in the POM?

    Based on the limited information you have provided, accomplishing a cost estimate at this phase would be difficult at best.


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