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    As stated in question background, the program in question is a small, Post-MS C Navy program just completing LRIP, with final delivery from Prime Contractor scheduled for 30 September. COVID has impacted the Program Office's Operational Testing schedule/timeline (planned for just after acceptance of LRIP articles), and temporary short-term, no-cost storage of the LRIP articles at the contractor facility (immediately following acceptance) has been determined to be available and advantageous for the program. The Program Office is attempting to determine the appropriate methods of: 1) documenting acceptance of LRIP articles, and 2) temporarily transferring custody of LRIP articles back to the contractor for no-cost temporary storage. The Program Office has historically used the DD250 form to document LRIP acceptance and the DD1149 form to document transfer of Government Property custody from one party to another, but is looking to verify the appropriateness of this approach in this circumstance. Due to the program's contracting circumstances, service-wide property management systems (e.g., Wide Area Work Flow, Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment, etc.) are not applicable, and the Program Office is seeking to "manually" track and perform a similar transaction using paperwork/form.


      The DD Form 1149 is the form for transfer of property. The DD Form 250 is the alternative means if there is an allowable exception to WAWF IAW DFARS 232.7002(a). The instructions for the DD Form 250 are located in Appendix F of the DFARS at

    It is highly recommended to review the allowable exceptions written in DFARS 232.7002(a) to ensure one of those still apply to your program. One of the benefits of using the WAWF app in PIEE is it allows for a centralized filing of inspection and acceptance; paper files can be lost. The records in WAWF can be retrieved when it comes time for contract closeout when it is necessary to validate all items have been accepted.

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