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    How does a Contracting Professional remain current with respect to evolving procurement related laws and issues applicable to Contract Actions in Romania


    FAR subpart 25.3 and DFARS subpart 225.3 provides direction for contracts performed outside the US. Your agency's supplement to the FAR may also provide additional info that implements or supplements the FAR and DFARS. There may be additional regulatory direction from the applicable combatant commander. 

    Other FAR parts will address the applicability of those parts, such as FAR part 19, which is for small business. Its scope at FAR 19.000(b) says: This part, except for subpart  19.6, applies only in the United States or its outlying areas. subpart  19.6 applies worldwide. So when contracts are awarded for performance outside the U.S., the methods of procurements still apply. We have to look at such things like what we are buying, dollar values, exceptions, waivers and applicability. 

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