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    As the AF stands up its PoR, and after tailoring in its acquisition documentation requirements, can the AF PoR utilize Navy-approved acquisition documentation in lieu of approving its own (e.g., Program Protection Plan or Information Support Plan)? Is there any policy or guidance on this?


    The answer to this question will depend of the specific documents in question and the extent to which the program requirements are modified to support an alternate Program of Record designation by the service.  As an example for the Program Protection Plan, the approval authority for the documentation is referenced in DoDI 5000.83, July 20, 2020 (Section 2.1.E) pending the type of acquisition. This early into program initiation it would likely be acceptable to leverage existing approved documentation, but an outright acceptance of the USN documentation in lieu of USAF acquisition documentation by the approval authority is unlikely.

    Rationale: The Program Protection Plan and associated supporting documentation is considered a living document, and is submitted for approval at each acquisition pathway decision point across the acquisition lifecycle. Per DoDI 5000.83, July 20, 2020 (Section 3.4.C.2),  it is the Lead System Engineer responsibility to prepare and update the Program Protection Plan after any contract award or identification of any significant threat activity or compromise. There is inherent risk in attempting to utilize USN approved documentation in lieu of the USAF approving its own documentation. If the systems were so similar to utilize the same documentation/requirements, there would be no benefit to having separate programs of record between the services. Since the USAF has additional requirements for the existing system, it will likely drive new considerations to be detailed in the Program Protection Plan. Additionally, as the USN Program continues incremental capability improvements on its own, the deviation between the two will likely continue to expand.

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