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    Is there anything available that codifies continuous engineering? We need further guidance for proper implementation.


    Often, when a person or group starts to grasp the remarkable breadth and depth of systems engineering, they feel obliged to come up with a new name for the part of the process they realize deserves greater emphasis in their organization. Whether this is Management by Objectives, Theory of Constraints, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean, Concurrent engineering, Maturity Models, System of Systems engineering, Spiral, DevOps, or continuous engineering—each approach emphasized some portion of the Systems Engineering process that was lacking in the organizations that originally succeeded with these approaches.


    Let me encourage you NOT to attempt “proper implementation” of any approach you don’t understand. You cannot paste someone else’s improvements onto your own organization. Look first at your own organization and determine what is working well and what needs improvement. Once you understand your current state and your desired future state—then you can design a course of action that addresses your unique circumstances.


    There is an excellent article by Sarah Sheard titled “Life Cycle of a Silver Bullet” that addresses these issues in detail. I strongly recommend that you read it before embarking on an improvement process for your organization.

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