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    The following passage is taken from the DoD COR Handbook ..... CORs might exceed the scope of their authority by inaction or improper action. For example, a COR on an equipment installation contract fails to ensure the Government installs electrical outlets and a raised floor in preparation for the equipment installation. When the contractor arrives to install the equipment, they are unable to do so as the site had not been properly prepared. By inaction, the COR allowed a potential claim to be made for Government-caused delay. In the aforementioned scenario, shouldn't the PWS clearly state " install electrical outlets and a raised floor" so the contractor is crystal clear about the work environment? Or perhaps was it not best to have involved a separate contactor as determined during the acquisition planning phase? The passage is somewhat ambiguous because it implies that no discussion occurred between the COR and a Technical Expert or simply someone from Engineering. How does a COR effectively approach this type of situation and avoid the inherent pitfalls associated with poor planning?


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