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    The Software Acquisition Pathway interim policy refers to the continuous engineering approach. Is there a separate document/template available that addresses the continuous engineering approach or should it be captured in a Systems Engineering Plan (SEP)?


    Refer to OUSD A&S Memo, Subject: Software Acquisition Pathway Interim Policy & Procedures, Dated 3 Jan 200, Section G2. Definitions (in attached) which provides this definition, following a couple uses of the term in the memo (E-mailed the memo directly to the AAP requestor):

    Continuous Engineering. A practice that merges requirements, design, development, quality assurance, security, test, integration, delivery, and deployment to operations into a single, continuous set of processes to continually, or iteratively, provide working functional systems to internal and external customers and to deliver high quality software more frequently.

    IT refers to an Agile development environment using the DevSecOps pipeline, description of a software factory.


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