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    The MAR Manpower Analysis Report seems to be only required for an ACAT 1 and 2 is this correct? Do you have any example's?


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your contracting team, program manager and/or legal department as appropriate.


    The Defense Acquisition Guidebook (second excerpt below) states, "DOD components should require manpower planning documentation for all ACAT I through ACAT IV programs to support development of CARD and Life Cycle Sustainment Estimates."



    3.10.1 Manpower Estimates


    For MDAPs, manpower estimates are required by law (Title 10, Section 2434) and by regulation (DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 7, Human Systems Integration). Manpower estimates serve as the authoritative source for a program’s projected manpower requirements. A draft of the initial manpower estimate is provided at the Development RFP Release, and is finalized and approved at the Milestone B review. The manpower estimate is also updated at the Milestone C review and at the FRP decision. The manpower estimate is approved by the cognizant DoD Component manpower authority (for the military departments, normally the Assistant Secretary for Manpower and Reserve Affairs), subject to the review of the staff in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness).


    The manpower estimate provides the program manpower needed for system operations, maintenance, support, and system-related training. The manpower is provided separately for active-duty officer and enlisted end-strength, reserve officer and enlisted drill and full-time end-strength, civilian full-time equivalents, and contractor support work-years. Typically, the manpower estimate is incorporated into the program Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD), but, normally, additional details are provided to support O&S cost estimates. In the CARD, the manpower is displayed by grade for the military and government civilians. If applicable, it is also necessary to display the manpower requirements by Component (Active, Guard, or Reserve) and by major command.

    Further information about manpower estimates is provided in the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Section 3.5. Further information about the CARD is provided in Chapter 5 of this guide and in DoD 5000.04-M.

    Each military department has its own process to continually review and update program manpower requirements as the program matures and begins operations. These requirements are typically documented in some form of unit manning document or table of organization and equipment, although the specific format will vary among the military departments. Although the manpower estimate described earlier does not include grade structure or skill level, the unit manning document typically does. For example, in the case of surface ships, the Navy publishes a Ship Manning Document for each class (and configuration) of ship. The Ship Manning Document provides manpower requirements in terms of grade, occupation, and skill level, predicated on the program’s required capabilities and operational environment, computed workload, and productivity assumptions (such as standard workweeks, leave policy, etc.). The Navy reviews its Ship Manning Documents each year, and updates them when there are significant changes to the mission, operational concept, or ship configuration."


    The excerpt above refers to the following.


    The Defense Acquisition Guidebook Chapter 5 Paragraph 5-3.1 Manpower Planning states:

    "CH 5–3.1 Manpower Planning

    The requirements of manpower planning for MDAPS are included in Operating and Support Cost- Estimating Guide (para 3.10.1 – Page 3-20) for inclusion in the Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation

    (CAPE) Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD). Additionally, manpower-planning documentation is used by Service components to estimate the number and types of people needed for specific programs and by personnel and training communities to plan and forecast their program requirements.

    DoD components should require manpower planning documentation for all Acquisition Category (ACAT) I through ACAT IV programs to support development of CARD and Life Cycle Sustainment Estimates.

    At program initiation, the Service component manpower authority and PM, in consultation with the MDA, should agree to reporting requirements and assumptions for manpower planning based on ACAT level and on whether the program has significant manpower implications.

    Required and recommended data elements of manpower planning should meet CARD and/or Life Cycle Cost Estimate content requirements. Lower level ACAT/AAP programs with little to no manpower implications/risks may not need extensive manpower planning documentation. PMs should agree upon required manpower planning with the component manpower authority. The component manpower authority should approve the manpower planning for MDAP and designated manpower-significant programs prior to submission of the program CARD at major milestones.

    Additionally, USD (P&R) promulgates separate and specific guidance concerning acquisition-related Total Force manpower planning. This guidance addresses the enduring need to provide Total Force manpower projections -- active/reserve military, Government civilians, and contracted services for the ICE/CARD.

    This ensures that manpower plans are feasible and affordable and result in desired operational and support capabilities."


    We do not have examples of Manpower Analysis Reports as they are program specific documents and each service likely has its own particular format.

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