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    How do you cite the FAR, DFARS, DFARS PGI, Class Deviations, AFFARS, AFFARS PGI and AFFARS MP? What is the exact zooming searching order for DoD Air Force zooming progression beginning from FAR to AFFARS MP with correct citing examples? Thank you.


    Good question; DAU teaches this entire process in detail during the first week of CON 091 and previously in CON 090.  If you’d like to see the student guide for these lessons they are located on our public Blackboard site.

    To properly cite the FAR, DFARS, and AFFARS you need to start by making sure you know how these regulations are arranged and numbered.  Go to FAR 1.105-2 first.  Pay close attention to FAR 1.105-2(c)(3).  Whenever you are writing a citation you will be “outside the FAR” so if you are citing a part it would look like this example:  FAR part 25, DFARS part 225, AFFARS part 5325.  The 2 for DFARS and 53 for AFFARS is supplemental numbering based on where those regulations are found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  Supplemental regulations (i.e. DFARS and AFFARS) are cited in the same manner as the FAR.

    Now go to FAR subpart 1.3 and read what it says about Agency Acquisition Regulations.  You will learn about implementing numbering and supplementing numbering.  At FAR 1.303(a) you will learn why the DFARS uses the number 70 and up for supplemental numbering.

    At DFARS 201.303(a)(iii) you will learn why the AFFARS uses the numbers 90 and up for supplemental numbering.

    When citing the DFARS PGI, AFFARS PGI, and AFFARS MP; all you need to do is write that followed by the number.  Examples:

    DFARS PGI 201.301(b)(i)

    AFFARS PGI 5301.108(c)(1)

    AFFARS MP 5301.601-90

    When citing a class deviation you write “CD” and it’s number, eg “CD 2018-O0008” note the first character after the dash is the capital letter “o” not zero.

    See FAR 52.101 for citing provisions and clauses.

    The zoom and mantra process are a bit difficult to explain in this forum; but the CON 091 student guide referenced above will help significantly.  We also have fantastic movies which explains it in our DAU media section.  Go to our home page, then go to videos, go to the contracting channel, and look for the “Contracting Doodle Videos”.  These are excellent.

    Good luck on your Contracting Officer Warrant Exam.

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