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    What Tool/Website do I use to search a NSN and find out who is the Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA) and Secondary Inventory Control Activity (SICA) for that item. A short lesson on PICA SICA please. Is there a training manual or video, etc...


    Thank you for contacting DAU with your request for information regarding PICA/SICA.


    I refer to you DoDM 4140.01-V2 dated 9 Nov 18 DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures: Demand and Supply Planning.  Section 4 is devoted to Provisioning.  You can also find additional information in DoDM 4100.39 Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Procedures.  Both manuals can be found at the Executive Service Directorate website; DoD Directives Division.  Be sure to select DoD Issuances; then select DoD Publications & Manuals.


    PICA/SICA codes can be found in FLIS and the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP).  The Materiel Master File in LMP contains the PICA/SICA designations.

    Unfortunately, I do not have access to either FLIS or LMP and am unable to share screen shots.


    However, you can contact Ms. Kathryn Wileman at the AMCOM Logistics Center (ALC) for assistance with LMP and/or FLIS.  She is a provisioning subject matter expert and can help you with finding PICA/SICA data for specific NSNs.  You may reach her at [email protected]

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