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    The Steel Sub-contractor is asking for mobilization to be a cost loaded item on the construction schedule. Sub is also asking for the structural steel shop drawings to be a cost loaded item on the schedule. Does the FAR allow for this? I believe it allows for mobilization costs, if demobilization costs are also accounted for. But we have usually tracked critical submital items as milestones, not as cost loaded deliverables. I want to make sure we are being fair and reasonable, and need to know if we should allow the drawings to be cost loaded.


    The FAR does allow to have separate line items for Shop Drawings as well as mobilization. The FAR allows for mobilization costs and shop drawings as a deliverable for your contract. One example found on cost loading  was a Unified Facilities Guide Specification; Section 01 32 17.05 20, Network Analysis Schedules (NAS) for Design Build that will allow you to cost loading, if this is in your contract. As always, it is recommended to work with your Contracting Officer and Legal Office.

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