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    We have been tasked with reviewing an Acquisition Plan Waiver and were having trouble finding guidance on the procedures and requirements to do so. Is there public guidance on Acquisition Plan waivers?


    It is hard to provide more specific guidance as "ARP" is used often in military and commercial Lexicon.  If your procurement is weapon system related; see

    DFARS 207.106(b)(S-73) for guidance on who is authorized to waive the AP. 

    If not, go to the DAU Adaptive Acquisition Framework page; if your acquisition is related to one of the Pathways; click on it and see if there is guidance (exception or wiaver) there.  There are examples of waiver authorities for streamlining.

    If none of those apply, you seek out a one-time deviation in accordance with the DFARS and your Agency Supplement (see DFARS subpart 201.4).

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