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    If you award a task order under an existing OASIS contract, is there a requirement for either a subcontracting plan -- or a small business participation commitment?


    FAR 19.705-1, the subcontracting plan on the other than small contractors, when required, is on the contract level and not the task order level.  For each task order, contracting officers may place orders that establish a sucontracting goal, it just can't be in the form of a new sucontractin plan as a contract may not ahve more thatn one plan.  Please also check with OASIS to see if there are subcontracting plans on their contracts.

    So there would be no requirement for a subcontracting plan for task orders as the subcontracting plan is on the contract as stated above.  However, there is nothing that stops you from requiring a small business participation committment document (SBPCD) at the task order level, other than your market research indicating there is no small business subcontracting opportunities on your requirement.  The SBPCD is seperate and distinct from the subcontracting plan. If you have one, it is to be received from both large and small businesses and it is meant to be incorporated into the order so that it is binding on the contractor.


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