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    2Q. If I pay for an ASMC sponsored training course with personal funds a) do I have to take annual leave (attend on my own time) and b), will I be able to apply earned hours CPE/CLE to satisfy DAWIA and DoD FM certifications?


    ASMC is the non-profit educational and professional organization for persons, military and civilian, involved in the overall field of military comptrollership. ASMC promotes the education and training of its members, and supports the development and advancement of the profession of military comptrollership. The society provides professional programs to keep members abreast of current issues and encourages the exchange of information, techniques and approaches.  ASMC was established as the Society of Military Accountants and Statisticians in 1948 in San Antonio, TX, and was open only to active duty officers. Since then, ASMC has expanded to extend membership opportunity to all DoD and Coast Guard Financial Management (FM) personnel, as well as civilian contractors providing FM support to DoD and USCG.  So to your first question, ASMC indirectly supports the military through their members.

    The reimbursement of CDFM related costs is addressed in the October 24, 2017 memo from USD Comptroller,” DoD Financial Management (FM) Related Professional Certifications and DoD Civilian Reimbursement for Associated Expenses.”  It states, “Title 5, United States Code, Section 5757 permits agencies to use appropriated funds, or funds otherwise available, to reimburse competitive service civilian employees for costs associated with obtaining FM-related professional credentials.”  CDFM is included in the list of approved certifications.  Expense reimbursement is subject to authorized expenses and the availability of funds. The authority is discretionary and is not an entitlement or benefit of employment so it is up to your organization to determine if they will pay for the training and if you can attend the training as part of your official duties. There are a variety of arrangements that organizations and employees may use to share training costs and accommodate schedules to meet the organization’s and employee’s needs (addressed in OPM “Human Resources Flexibilities and Authorities in the Federal Government”).  Attendance at training on duty versus non-duty hours is not solely depenndent on who pays for the training.  Recommend that you discuss with your local training coordinator and attorney to get clarification on the Department of Navy’s policy as it relates to your situation.

    The requirements for DAWIA CLPs can be found at the following link:  You will need to check with ASMC on their continuing education requirements for maintaining CDFM certification to see if the they can also be used to meet their needs.

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