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    What type of funding can I use for Rapid Fielding (i.e. RDT&E or APA). I can't find that information anywhere.


    DODI 5000.80, OPERATION OF THE MIDDLE TIER OF ACQUISITION (MTA), in addressing rapid fielding funding, says this in paragraph 3.2 c:

    “Acquisition and Funding Strategies. DoD Components will develop and implement acquisition and full funding strategies for the program. This process will result in an acquisition strategy, which includes security, schedule and production risks, and a cost estimate.”

    There is no mention of any particular appropriation for rapid fielding.  The phrase “full funding strategies for the program” would lead a person to conclude that the intent is for procurement funds to be used.  However, the short answer is ‘The appropriation used must be consistent with the purpose for which it was appropriated.”  If the units are to be “fielded’ for use by the warfighter, the procurement appropriation would be utilized.  On the other hand, if the units are being procured to be used for testing, and will be destroyed during that testing, RDT&E funds would be most appropriate. 

    Consult the Financial Management Regulation (FMR, DoDI 7000.14), Volume 2A, Chapter 1, paying particular attention to paragraph 010202 for Full Funding Policy (procurement appropriation) and paragraph 010213 for Incremental Funding Policy (RDT&E appropriation).

    As always, it is always prudent to check with your post or MAJCOM comptroller.

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