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    As a Armory team lead, I requested to purchase some 9mm and 5.56 dummy rounds for training purchase which was denied by the GPC Program manager who cited the following: "Per Section A.1.2.4 of the Department of Defense Government Charge Card Guidebook for Establishing and Managing Purchase, Travel, and Fuel Card Programs, use of the GPC to purchase weapons, ammunition and explosives is prohibited. As controlled DoD commodities, weapons, ammunition, and explosives are assigned to the Army (see DFARS 208.70), which has contracting responsibility to supply all DoD Components with weapons, ammunition, explosives, and other commodities listed in DFARS PGI 208.7006. DoD Components are to submit their commodity requirements via Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request to the assigned Component in accordance with DFARS 208.7002 and DFARS PGI 208.7002-1. There are no exceptions." Does this apply to DUMMY rounds used to conduct functions check of the weapons and for training purpose? Thank you.


    Dummy rounds, inert rounds, and training rounds are all classified as ammunition. The same rules apply.

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