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    What is the authoritative data source for all requirement documents? Was it once CAMS….and has it changed? Also, is it high side or NIPR?


    The Army's Capability AROC Management System (CAMS) should contain the authoritative source of Army Requirements Documents.   I assume by your question, that you understand that the authoritative document is the latest document validated IAW JCIDS and containing an AROC Memorandum or JROC Memorandum depending on determination by Joint Staff Gatekeeper J8.  CAMS is a database residing on the SIPRNET that is used by the Army to staff Army Requirements documents.  And the Army's Gatekeeper, who manages this, is in the DA G-8.  The Army Gatekeeper also sends Army Requirements documents to the Joint Staff Gatekeeper in J8.  If a determination is made that an Army Requirements Document has a Joint Performance Requirement (KPP designated as a JPR) and a Joint Staffing Designator (JSD) of either JCB Interest or JROC Interest, then the validation authority will be the JCB or JROC respectively.  When these documents are validated and recieve a JROC Memorandum, they will reside in the Knowledge Mangement/Decision Support (KM/DS) database (the joint database used for staffing and storing requirements documents.)  The Army's Gatekeeper will also update CAMS with the latest requirements document with its Joint validation memo.  NOTE:  Even when reuquirements documents are validated at the Army level, i.e. it is a JSD of Joint Information, the Army's Gatekeeper will send the updated document with its AROCM to the Joint Staff Gatekeeper J8 to store it in KM/DS.

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