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    My question is how to handle ID/IQs based on the abovementioned text from the DoDi 5000.74.... Does this guidance imply ONE SRRB is required for a single ID/IQ requirement $10M+ total value (total value derived from est. base + TOs)… OR does this imply multiple SRRBs are required for the one ID/IQ requirement (i.e. since ID/IQ is $10M+ total value, the base and all TOs require a SRRB)? ----------------------------------------------------- Second question (unrelated to ID/IQs), are SRRBs and SAWs only applicable for contracts OR does other vehicles (such as MIPRs, IOs, grants, SBIRs, BAAs) also require a SRRB if threshold is met? Thank you!


    --Concerning question one:

    We are going to make an assumption that this is a standard indefinite delivery contract for services and that task orders are issued for discrete tasks and you don’t include options in your task orders to continue that specific task order for an additional period of time (e.g. one fiscal year).  If that were the case and the option value was above $10M you would need to do another SRRB.

    So, you were correct in that only one SRRB is required for your base indefinite delivery contract valued over $10M.  After that, any additional task order that will exceed $10M requires a separate SRRB for that task order.

    Ref:  DoD Instruction 5000.74--Defense Acquisition Of Services, Section 4 Par C.

    --Concerning Question Two:

    IAW DoDI 5000.74 paragraph 1.1.b.(4)

    Anything R&D related (BAAs, SBIRs, etc.) are exempt from SRRB/SAW requirements.  They normally have their own review and approval and budget request process.  That said, you would not be prohibited from conducting a SAW if you wanted to improve your PWS or performance standards.

    Grants are not a FAR based contract (the primary beneficiary is the grantee and not the government-the grantor) and are exempt from SRRB/SAW requirements, again they have their own review, approval and budget process.  For more information on grants see: the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)  Source:

    Finally, MIPRs.  In a word, no a MIPR in and of itself would not require an SRRB (the requirement behind the MIPR might).  The Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) is a method for transferring funds amongst U.S. military organizations.  It allows for multi-organizational cooperative efforts to be performed, rather than limiting funding to a single organization.).  Source:  But if you were sending the MIPR to another organization to award a service contract requirement for you then that requirement migh require you to conduct an SRRB.

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