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    I came across the "Manager's Guide to Technology Transition v2" (dtd June 2995). Is there a more recent version or other materials/resources that you can direct me to? Thanks,


    The Army Acquisition Executive (ASA(ALT)) published guidance on Technology Transition for Army 6.3 and 6.4 efforts on 27 SEP 2019.  The guidance includes a Technology Transition Agreement (TA) template.

    A link to that document is here:


    In addition each Service tends to look at Technology Transition through a bit of a different lens.  The USAF has a Guide (published in 2010) that can be found here:


    Beyond just Technology Transition Agreements, in order to successfully get Research products and processes in the right hands for use or further development, other skills are needed.  Specifically Roadmapping and Portfolio Management can help assure research and development success.  The focus of the DAU in residence STM304 course includes both of these topics.  Participation in an upcoming course may be warranted.  In addition, it may be possible for DAU to conduct seminar(s) to address appropriate content.

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