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    FAR Clause 52.237-7 reads: As prescribed in 37.403 , insert the following clause: Indemnification and Medical Liability Insurance (Jan 1997) (a) It is expressly agreed and understood that this is a nonpersonal services contract, as defined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 37.101, under which the professional services rendered by the Contractor are rendered in its capacity as an independent contractor. The Government may evaluate the quality of professional and administrative services provided, but retains no control over professional aspects of the services rendered, including by example, the Contractor’s professional medical judgment, diagnosis, or specific medical treatments. The Contractor shall be solely liable for and expressly agrees to indemnify the Government with respect to any liability producing acts or omissions by it or by its employees or agents. The Contractor shall maintain during the term of this contract liability insurance issued by a responsible insurance carrier of not less than the following amount(s) per specialty per occurrence: *_______________. (b) An apparently successful offeror, upon request by the Contracting Officer, shall furnish prior to contract award evidence of its insurability concerning the medical liability insurance required by paragraph (a) of this clause. (c) Liability insurance may be on either an occurrences basis or on a claims-made basis. If the policy is on a claims-made basis, an extended reporting endorsement (tail) for a period of not less than 3 years after the end of the contract term must also be provided. (d) Evidence of insurance documenting the required coverage for each health care provider who will perform under this contract shall be provided to the Contracting Officer prior to the commencement of services under this contract. If the insurance is on a claims-made basis and evidence of an extended reporting endorsement is not provided prior to the commencement of services, evidence of such endorsement shall be provided to the Contracting Officer prior to the expiration of this contract. Final payment under this contract shall be withheld until evidence of the extended reporting endorsement is provided to the Contracting Officer. (e) The policies evidencing required insurance shall also contain an endorsement to the effect that any cancellation or material change adversely affecting the Government’s interest shall not be effective until 30 days after the insurer or the Contractor gives written notice to the Contracting Officer. If, during the performance period of the contract the Contractor changes insurance providers, the Contractor must provide evidence that the Government will be indemnified to the limits specified in paragraph (a) of this clause, for the entire period of the contract, either under the new policy, or a combination of old and new policies. (f) The Contractor shall insert the substance of this clause, including this paragraph (f), in all subcontracts under this contract for health care services and shall require such subcontractors to provide evidence of and maintain insurance in accordance with paragraph (a) of this clause. At least 5 days before the commencement of work by any subcontractor, the Contractor shall furnish to the Contracting Officer evidence of such insurance. * Contracting Officer insert the dollar value(s) of standard coverage(s) prevailing within the local community as to the specific medical specialty, or specialties, concerned, or such higher amount as the Contracting Officer deems necessary to protect the Government's interests. (End of clause) My concern is with paragraph (a). How would a KO be able to determine the amount to put in that blank? I have searched things over and over. However, there appears to be no guidance on how the KO can determine the amount.


    The answer is in FAR 37.401(d); stating

    d) Require that the contractor maintain medical liability insurance, in a coverage amount acceptable to the contracting officer, which is not less than the amount normally prevailing within the local community for the medical specialty concerned;…

    There is a bit of market research you would have to perform.  What is the contractor proposing? What amount of medical liability insurance does a similar sized provider carry?     The footnote at the bottom of the clause states “citing the standard coverage(s) prevailing within the local community”… You can ask a local health care insurer for their rates for a certain specialty.  If there is more than one specialty, then pick the highest and set that as the amount once you find out what the respective specialties charge.  See FAR 10.002 for different types of market research.

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