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    Who originates a JUON / JEON / UON? How would I go about making that happen. If it has to go through the program office, what is their process? If it has to go through the combatant command, what is their process? We have a need, now I'm looking to find out the steps to make this happen.


    I will send a couple of slides to the above email.  Basics:

    Urgent Requirements

    Combatant Command (CCMD)  or Other DoD Component Driven

    Urgent and compelling to prevent loss of life and/or mission failure during current operations

    Joint Staff J8 Deputy Director for Requirements (DDR) validates Joint Needs; DoD Components assess/validate other  urgent needs

    Emergent Requirements

    CCMD Driven

    Supports accelerated acquisition of  capabilities needed for an anticipated or pending contingency operation

    VCJCS verifies, JROC validates

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