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    The JCIDS manual references the 5 mandatory KPPs and one of those is net centric. The CDD requirement does not reference the net-centric requirement. Is the net-centric requirement mandatory.



    Yes.  The Net Ready Performance attribute is mandatory and comes from statute in Title 10 USC 81,dating back to 2001.  The reason why it is called a Performance attribute now, is that it can be deemed a KPP, KSA, or APA, depending on what the sponsor determines is appropriate. In the CDD, it is addressed in Section 7, Joint Interoperability. The Net Ready Certification is done by the C4/Cyber Functional Capabilities Board, (703) 692-6529, this number is in the JCIDS Manual.  Recommend you go through the Net Ready Guide in the JCIDS Manual, Annex A, pp. B-G-A-1 first, then reach out to the C4/Cyber rep for assistance.  If you need additional assistance, my work email is  I hope this helps,



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