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    Can you please provide an example of a document of this type that would have been delivered in the past? This could be a great help to us as we move forward on our project! We understand that all aspects of the example document will not apply to our project and we will use great care to ensure we only use the example for structure and approaches.


    There is no standard format for the System Safety Hazard Analysis Report (SSHAR), but the contents are described in DI-SAFT-80101C in the ASSIST database at


    This DID should have been identified in a contract SOW paragraph tasking the contractor to perform a SYSTEM HAZARD ANALYSIS in accordance with Task 205 of MIL-STD-882E System Safety.

    Task 205 describes the system hazard analysis work to be done by the contractor, while DI-SAFT-80101C describes the Report which details the output of that analysis.

    The contract SOW paragraph may tailor the analysis required under Task 205, and the CDRL may tailor the DI-SAFT-80101C requirements for the Report.



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