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    1.) Must I still indicate an overall Period of Performance at the informational CLIN level or within the task order? I am concerned that in doing so, contractors will think it represents an entire period under which all funded SLINs are valid, when each one really has its own limited fiscal life under severable services. 2.) If an overall period of performance is not required to be stated when using priced SLINs, then can I unilaterally incrementally fund subsequent SLINs; or would each addition of another pried SLIN, with its own period of performance, technically extend the overall period of performance from the previous incremental funding such that it would need to be bilateral?


    Alright, a CON 091 graduate. 

    A telephone call with the question submitter revealed there was a lot more information associated with this question.  Below is just a summary of the final answers.

    Question #1) the period of performance for the amount of funds being obligated on the SLIN needs to be identified in the SLIN per DFARS 204.7104-1(b)(2)(i).  The overall period of performance could be identified elsewhere in the Task Order.

    Question #2) the answer was “no, you cannot unilaterally add subsequent SLINS with its own period of performance.”  In order to answer this the CLIN contract type needed to be known; it is a CPFF Term Form task order CLIN (SLIN).  The guidance is found at FAR 16.306(d)(2), “Renewal for further periods of performance is a new acquisition that involves new cost and fee arrangements.”

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