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    Are MATOCs considered a consolidated requirement thereby requiring a review and determination by the CAO/SPE?


    Yes, a multiple award task order contract is considered a contract for consolidated requirements if the requirement meets the definition in FAR Part 2:      Consolidation or consolidated requirement—        (1) Means a solicitation for a single contract, a multiple-award contract, a task order, or a delivery order to satisfy-                      (i) Two or more requirements of the Federal agency for supplies or services that have been provided to or performed for the Federal agency under two or more separate contracts, each of which was lower in cost than the total cost of the contract for which offers are solicited; or                      (ii) Requirements of the Federal agency for construction projects to be performed at two or more discrete sites.                 (2) "Separate contract" as used in this definition, means a contract that has been performed by any business, including small and other than small business concerns. Note that paragraph (ii) above pertains specifically to construction projects. FAR 7.107-2 contains more information on responsibilities relating to consolidation.

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