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    Can the program office develop a component with increased capabilities and allow WCF to mange the component upon completion?


    Yes, once the development of the component is complete it can be managed by the WCF as any other component can.  So it doesn’t matter if you wanted to increase the capability of the component/system by changing performance requirements and using RDT&E funding or using O&M/Production funding to find a form, fit, replacement, a WCF can manage the component after completion of production.   Please note:  Transferring the component to the WCF before the end of production is not recommended because the program office has already used RDT&E funding which identifies the component modification as a development effort. 

    Question Background: We have a component on an aircraft that is managed by WCF (has a NSN) that has obsolescence issues.  The program office wants to use 3600 funds to develop a new component with increased capabilities and then turn the component over to WCF to manage.  The current component is driving high MICAP issues and causing potential grounding of the aircraft.   We have developed new components with 3600 funds and then moved the effort to 3010 for procurement of the component, but the issue is can we move the effort to WCF CSAG funds instead.  

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