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    What is the DoD definition of Tailored Training? Where can this information be found?


    Let's start with your last question first: Where can you find direction for clarifying the term "Tailor Training?" Code 5 U.S.C. 4109, gives the head of an agency the authority to pay for training and makes Training, Education and Professional Development services a valid expense of the US Government. FMR Volume 10, Chapter 12 – Provides authority for Miscellaneous Payments of TE&PD both as a direct reimbursement to employee and payment to nonGovernment sources. DOD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 410 – Provides policy and conditions to make a Miscellaneous Payment for TE&PD services directly to a nonGovernment source. This same instruction requires that specific conditions be met in order to use the Purchase Card for Training, Education & Professional Development as a Miscellaneous Payment. FAR Part 13 – Provides authority for Simplified Acquisition and Micro-Purchase of services. DOD policy is to use the Government Purchase Card to make FMR-based Miscellaneous Payments for Training, Education and Professional Development services from non-Government sources. Because the preference is to pay the vendor or educational institution directly as opposed to reimbursing the employee, the FMR refers to this DOD Instruction.

    To answer your first question, let's do a contextual exercise and put this teminology into its rightful environment. 

    DOD Instruction has unique conditions which must be met in order to make the Miscellaneous Payment. When these conditions are not met due to the nature of the Training, Education & Professional Development event, then the Cardholder must use a FAR-based process such as a MicroPurchase of services or a Method of Payment on a contract. 

    The first of three conditions is fairly straight forward. The Cardholder must have specific authority for Training, Education & Professional Development Miscellaneous Payments, sometimes listed as SF 182 authority in their Letter of Delegation. Additionally the Cardholder must be trained to make a Miscellaneous Payment for the TE&PD services.

    This is where your answer is dervied. The second of the three conditions requires some clarification. What does the policy mean by “Regularly Scheduled” “off-the-shelf” or “priced the same for everyone”? Let’s take a closer look at these terms starting with “Regularly Scheduled.” In general terms this means that the TE&PD event can be found in an established offering, whether in print or online. The event does not have to be held on a scheduled date and time if the training provider makes it available at any time, such as an on-line course. An “off-the-self TE&PD service available to the general public” is defined as a commercially available TE&PD event or a planned series of the same event, activity, service, or material requiring no modification prior to use. Such training may occur on or off federal property and may include non-federal employees. “Priced the same for everyone in the same category”, means it is priced the same per student, course, service, or training space. In other words, the same event is offered at an equal price to all customers.

    If the Government has a need for tailored training or tailored training materials, the requirement must be placed on a Government contract by a warranted Contracting Officer. A Cardholder must NEVER sign any vendor written terms and conditions that would financially bind the Government without proper authority. Tailored training is any training that falls outside of "Regularly Scheduled" "Off the shelf" or "priced the same for eveyone". 

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