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    I am wondering who is supposed to be responsible for the cost of the Government testing of SARs? If it is the Government, what type of funding can you use? Can the Government pay for the testing if it is believed there would be a savings resulting from the additional supplier? Also, if FATs can be required on out of cycle qualification testing or if the testing should wait until there is a procurement as the FAT would be required at that point as well? (normally for a first time supplier)


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your contracting team, program manager and/or legal department as appropriate. 


    The government is responsible for testing it requires if the testing is part of the contractual requirements.  If the product in question is not being procured on a contract vehicle, i.e., it is something in the marketplace, then the pre-qualification testing is generally the responsibility of the company. FAR subpart 9.2 provides more detail on qualification requirements.


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