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    1. Can one shorten a/the PoP arbitrarily ? - or, is the assumption that any resource-loaded CV must also travel with the time decrement?; that is, for the above scenario, Is the result $120 worth of CV now re-spread/amortized over 10 months ( i.e., @$12/mo ) ? Or it the correct route, 2. …to formally effect a Cost of Work Deleted mod, where the two month’s worth of decrement is priced at “today’s $$$” ( say that comes out to $9/month ) and the result is a mod that decrements out $18 ( from the then-current CV of $120 ) and the resulting $102 is then spread over the remaining 10 months of IMS ? Please provide pointers or hard cites to where I should know this from , or, where I can read about the EVMS-condoned implementation. Thanks , in advance....


    Technically, shortening a PoP would be a scope change for the reduction of work on the contract and could be determined to be a partial termination IAW FAR part 49. From a pricing perspective, a potential issue could be fixed costs being loaded in the last two months of that scenario. If that was the case, then the contractor would need to recoup those costs in the remaining 10 months, so there would need to be a negotiation between the contracting officer and the contractor and new pricing as a result. If the decision is made to shorten the PoP, you'll need to find out if the pricing will be changed through a negotiation. 

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