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    On a Government contract, does the Government pay the contractor for commute time for employees to ride the ferry to and from the job site? We pay for the tickets for vehicle/passenger but wanted some kind of guidance on commute on the ferry. It's a total of 1 hour on the ferry to and from the jobsite. The employee is local to the area but if driven to jobsite would be about 2-1/2 to 3 hours one way versus taking the ferry of 1 hour. I've checked FAR 31.205-46 and unable to find ferry in the JTR. Thank you.


    The questioner provided clarification and indicated the contractor wanted to be paid for work performed during the commute to the worksite. The contract which is cost plus award fee, only provided for covering the costs TO the job site in the solicitation. There are no provisions for surveillance to ensure work is being performed back and forth on a ferry. The contracting officer should rely on the terms of the soliciation and not entertain any additional terms that puts the government at a disadvantage.      

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