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    Can you have two entirely different services written on the same contract and with two different scopes? We are being told since that it is a mandatory source, you can write in several different types of services. Thank you for your time and support.


    Yes, the next contract can have different services in one contract. One of the challenges with different services on one contract is picking the applicable codes such as the NAICS code that best fits the overall acquisition. It appears from the background provided for this question that the existing contract already contains these different services, so the next contract would not have the additonal requirement of consolidation IAW FAR 7.107.

    A couple of reminders for AbilityOne service contracts. Once the service is awarded to AbilityOne for a particular base(s), then that service and the corresponding base will be placed on the procurement list. At that point, it is mandatory that the next recompete be awarded to AbiltyOne again. The AbilityOne Committee establishes the prices for the services so there is no negotiation.

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