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    Is a Contractor Quality Control Plan (QCP) required for every contract? If a QCP is required for every contract; can you provide the FAR or DFARS reference?


    Quality Control Plans are not required for every contract.  It depends on the contracting officers assessment of a need for a QCP, and language in the FAR/DFARS. 

    At FAR 46.401(a), it states "  (a) Government contract quality assurance shall be performed at such times (including any stage of manufacture or performance of services) and places (including subcontractors’ plants) as may be necessary to determine that the supplies or services conform to contract requirements. Quality assurance surveillance plans SHOULD be prepared in conjunction with the preparation of the statement of work."  The guidance leaves it to the KO to determine if a  QCP is necessary. 

    At DFARS 246.401, it states " The requirement for a quality assurance surveillance plan shall be addressed and documented in the contract file for each contract except for those awarded using simplified acquisition procedures. For contracts for services, the contracting officer should prepare a quality assurance surveillance plan to facilitate assessment of contractor performance, see 237.172 . For contracts for supplies, the contracting officer should address the need for a quality assurance surveillance plan.

    So the DFARS expressly mentions a QCP is not required for SAP. There shall be some language stating why a QCP is necessary, or why it is not.   For supplies and services , the KO "should" prepare a QA plan, but it is not required. If it said "shall', that is interpreted as "must", and a plan is necessary.  The KO's judgment rules in this situation, and he/she must document their decision. 


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