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    Who develops the SAR to Congress in the MTA pathway? Is that an A&S, component or program function and is there an example?


    Middle Tier of Acquisition (MTA) - PMs will “tailor-in” reviews, assessments, and relevant documentation that results in an acquisition strategy customized to the unique characteristics and risks of their program. PMs will ensure operational, technical, and security risks are identified and reduced so that fielded systems are capable, effective, and resilient. PMs will comply with statutory requirements unless waived in accordance with a relevant provision.

    Statutory requirements that apply to Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs) only, would not apply to programs pursuing MTA.  Specific implementation and reporting guidance is provided by the respective service. 

    USD (A&S) leverages two tools to appropriately track MTA program documentation and data. DOD components may also leverage their own processes & tools to track MTA program data and documentation appropriately, however, the authoritative list of MTA programs is listed in the DAVE repository.  This link provides the listing of Program Identification Data (PID) required for DAVE (expand the DAVE link on the page).

    Selected Acquisition Reports (SARs) are required for Major Defense Acquisition Programs in accordance with Title 10 U.S. Code § 2432,

    SARs are prepared annually in conjunction with submission of the President's Budget.  Annual SARs will reflect the President’s Budget and supporting documentation.  PMs required to submit SARs IAW Title 10 will follow guidelines for submission thru their respective Service Acquisition Executive to USD (A&S). 

    USD (A&S) must approve use of the MTA pathway for any program that exceeds MDAP dollar threshold.

    Statute on Major Defense Acquisition Programs - 10 U.S. Code § 2430,

    Copies of all FY2019 Selected Acquisition Reports are available at -


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