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    I'm the software lead on a RCCTO rapid prototype system. We field in late FY22. What are the minimal requirements for fielding software under Middle Tier Acq? We will have an ATO and System Safety Confirmation. I think a Software Qualification Test is required. What else am I missing? Thank you.


    The Adaptive Acquisition Framework has created opportunity for programs to "tailor-in" the activities and documentation appropriate to deliver capability to the warfighter while reducing the burden of perhaps unnecessary or overly restrictive processes.  The stated purpose of the AAF to "empower PMs" brings with it the responsibility to truly understand what is necessary and why, establish and document the rationale for what is and is not included and proceed (with appropriate Decision Authority approval).  The Middle Tier pathway requires an Acquisition Decision Memorandum that outlines in an acquisition strategy the overarching documentation the program will use.  The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Technology and Logistics (ASA(ALT)) published a memo on 20 march 2020 outlining the Army process including documentation methodology.  You can access the memo here: (you may need CAC and account access).  The details of your effort drive right sizing your documentation and testing, early stakeholder involvement is key.  At a minimum, you should consider the transition organization within PEO Missiles and Space as well as entities involved with materiel release and sustainment of the prototypes going forward.

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