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    Can you please provide advice and assistance in determining if there is a Table 8 or equivalent guidance in any current DoD policy on EVM?


    Both the EVMS Application Requirements and the EVMS Reporting Requirements tables are available on the DAU Milestone Document Identification (MDID) website at

    Unfortunately, they are not obvious on the website.  In order to find them: 1.) Use the URL to get to the DAU MDID website, 2.) In the upper left corner, under the MDID symbol, you will see a blue box that says “MDID Tables”, 3.) Click on the white dropdown arrow just to the right of the words “MDID Tables”, 4.) Draw your cursor down to the seventh item which is labeled “EVMS Application Requirements”, and 5.) Select that seventh item and the EVMS Application Requirements Table will open on your monitor.

    The EVMS Reporting Requirements Table is the eighth item under the MDID Tables dropdown.

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