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    I found that "office moves" is prohibited under the "Guide for Prohibited and Special Attention Items, page 61", however the guide is old, FY13 and the references indicated were also old and NAVSUPINST (4200.99B and 4200.85D) which may not applicable to ARMY. I could not find an updated copy of this guide, or is this still even a valid guide? So my question, can they use GPC to pay for the move without a contract as long as the amount is below 10K? Does SCA apply to this? Does "terms and condition" also apply? Thank you.


    Based on GPC guidance found on the website, there is nothing forbidding use of the card for physically moving offices. The only prohibition related to property is rental or lease of land or building on a long-term basis.  As long as the move is within the GPC monetary threshold, use of the GPC is not prohibited. Make sure you document the contract file and consult with legal if necessary. A list of GPC prohibited items  has been forwarded to the questioner.      

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